Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture this!

A picture is worth one million words. It really is. Think about it. When you are viewing potential properties, why wouldn't you bring a camera? You really need to. You want to take as many pictures as you can of any property that you are going to view so you'll remember the details later. Your memory isn't as good as you think it is. No, I'm not trying to insult you. It's just that a lot of us get excited when we are going to look at properties for the first time and we forget that we are going to forget.

Let's say that you have set aside a Saturday to spend with your Realtor viewing 5 different properties. Most likely these properties will not all be in the same neighborhood. Also, most likely these properties will not all look exactly alike or have the same features. After you see the first property, you are going to think that you'll have no problem remembering where the bathroom is or how those kitchen cabinets looked. We'll after the 3rd or 4th property, things might seem to blur together or get a little more confusing in your head.

Now imagine that its 3 days later and you're trying to remember which property was the one that you really liked with the double sinks in the master bedroom and the dark wood cabinets. Was it the first property you saw or was it the third. Which neighborhood was it in? You don't quite remember now. Take pictures of the front of the house and the inside of the house so you can match them up later.

That's just a tip to get you going. Remember to bring your camera now and you won't have to try to remember what the properties looked like in a few days. I hope that helps.

Larry N.

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